In the next following years, the company will focus on the development of half a dozen products that will be brought up to the clinical testing stage. 

ZATA’s versatile platforms enables the development three classes of medical products:

  1. Novel therapeutics utilizing a new generation oligonucleotide platform (ZONs)
  2. Donated blood purification closed systems that comply with regulatory requirements in all major market sectors (ZAP-Systems)
  3. Chemical inactivators that enables killed vaccine candidates with enhance vaccination properties (ZCI)


I – ZATA’s Oligonucleotides (ZONs)

Status of ZONs:

  • Fully developed synthetic methodology, and scale-up capability
  • Biophysical and biochemical properties have been characterized
  • All related intellectual properties are filed


Therapeutic Targets of ZONs:

  • Antisense
  • RNAi
  • Exon-skipping
  • Diagnostics


Target Diseases:

  • Cancer
  • Orphan diseases
  • Infectious diseases


The chart below depicts the intended use of ZONs and their level of development. Our core goal is to initiate the development of ZONs that target the most malicious diseases. Oligotherapeutics can be used as an effective treatment independently or in combination with other drugs.

pipeline table1


II – Donated blood purification closed systems

We have engineered prototypes of the pathogen reduction closed system in donated blood in three different variations. The specifications of those three systems covers the regulatory requirements of most regions of the globe. Regardless of their varying level of complexity, all systems enable equally safe blood products.


ZAP-System I – enables pathogen reduction in leukodepleted blood and extraction of the added anti-pathogens by cartridge filtration

ZAP-System II – enables pathogen reduction in whole blood and extraction of added material by cartridge filtration

ZAP-System III – enables pathogen reduction in whole blood and neutralization of added anti-pathogens into inert compound safe for transfusion


The chart below depicts level of development of ZAP-Systems.

pipeline table 2


III –  ZATA’s Chemical Inactivators (ZCIs)

ZCIs enable killed vaccine candidates with preserved antigenic epitopes. Variations in molecular weights and structures enable the selection of the optimal ZCI for the targeting of individual, as well as specific classes of pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and parasites. From the large family of ZCI, we selected and developed four inactivators: ZD010, ZD012, ZD014, and ZD016.

The chart below depicts level of development of ZAP-Systems.

pipeline table 3

Note: Compounds used in ZAP-Systems as antipathogens and ZCIs are representative the same family, they have the same mechanism of action but different application.