Investors and partnership

Executive Summary

Funding for the development of ZATA’s platforms has come mostly from NIH grants and has been supplemented by private funding from friends and families.

The unique scientific experience and dedicated work of ZATA’s R&D team and affiliated experts has allowed effective use of ZATA’s resources, and consequently brought successful advances in both of the platforms ZATA has been working on for the last 3-4 years. ZATA’s landlord institution, Mass Biomedical Initiatives (MBI) also needs to be credited for providing affordable facilities and other essential services and support.

ZATA  possesses full rights on its technology, IP portfolios, and equipment needed for the support of its R&D.

One of ZATA’s main strength is its multidisciplinary team of highly qualified, talented and dedicated professionals capable of successful development and commercialization of ZATA’s technologies.

In both oligotherapeutics and antipathogen platforms, ZATA has identified and solved high-risk elements, which allows ZATA to propose low risk and high return investments or partnership opportunities.

ZATA is open to all tangible business opportunities that can help bring a dynamic development of its technology.

Investment and Partnership Opportunities

The flexibility of ZATA’s business model and broad application of ZATA’s platforms enables a considerable broad variety of investment and partnership opportunities.

ZATA’s management will discuss all promising deals that will consider the interest of all involved parties.

As it can be seen below, ZATA proposes win-win business deal opportunities for the following potential partners:

  • Venture Capital Investors (VC)
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Angel Investors
  • Private investors
  • Others

VC investments can be used for the development of several patent protected drug candidates up to Phase I clinical study, and for the license or sale to pharmaceutical companies. Development cycle will be ~3 years. Comparable upfront licensing fees for ZONs, for instance, are in the range of $10-100M. Our ZON technology can be applied to over 300 diseases that represent an unmet medical need.

Partnership opportunities for pharmaceutical companies:

ZATA proposes partnerships in three different fields within the capacity of its platform.

ZONs: Development, testing, and transferring of a new generation of oligonucleotide based drugs  ZONs target many diseases that can be treated by antisense or RNA interference oligotherapies, including cancer, genetic diseases, and even viral and other infectious diseases. ZONs are an IP protected composition of matter, and partners will be given exclusive rights for it.

ZAP-Systems: Collaborative development of disposable pathogen reduction systems for transfusion blood or blood products is proposed. Best in class and cost-effective systems, that can easily be modified according to the healthcare needs and regulations of different regions of world, can be distributed through ZATA’s partner organization or their affiliates.

ZCI: Development of whole pathogen killed vaccines with high vaccination efficacy using ZATA’s Chemical Inactivators (ZCI). Unlike currently used inactivators, ZCIs do not damage antigenic epitopes and can enable whole pathogen killed vaccine candidates with enhanced vaccination properties. ZATA can transfer either the right to develop particular vaccine candidates, or the rights to use the ZCI class.

Angel investment: ZATA will gladly consider Angel investments.  Medical product developments outlined above and their selling/licensing after the Phase I or Phase II clinical study stage will allow a healthy return on investment in a short period of time.

Private investment:  Investment by a single or group of individuals will also be considered. Depending on their desires, such individual(s) can be involved with ZATA’s operations and business management based on their experience and the company’s needs.