ZATA Obtained Commercialization Right for the Antithrombotic Drug Candidate GLS409

On November 2th, 2017 ZATA Pharmaceuticals obtained exclusive licensing and commercialization right for the antithrombotic drug candidate GLS409 from GLSynthesis, Inc., Worcester, MA.

GLS409 is a very potent platelet aggregation inhibitor, with a unique new mechanism of action, targeting simultaneously both platelets’ ADP receptors, P2Y1 and P2Y12. This drug candidate have been developed by GLSynthesis in collaboration with the Center for Platelet Research Studies at Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School and the Cardiovascular Research Institute at Wayne State University School of Medicine.

The drug candidate showed highly potent antithrombotic effect in the canine model of acute coronary syndrome without increase of animals bleeding time. Because of its unique mechanism of action it is expected, unlike Plavix and other P2Y12 receptor targeting drugs, to have a minimal interpatient variability of the antiplatelet effect.

GLS409 is intended as an IV treatment during and immediately after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) procedure in a catheterization lab, or as a first-in-line treatment for patients presenting with acute coronary syndrome symptoms. It is also intended as treatment for patients in need of antiplatelet therapy, who are in risk of bleeding or may need surgical intervention.

Presently ZATA Pharmaceutical is actively seeking licencing or investment opportunity that will enable the initiation of human clinical testing of GLS409.

May 2017

  ZATA relocated to MBI’s new Gateway Park facility in Worcester, MA. The facility is located within the WPI Life Sciences & Bioengineering Center (LSBC) at Gateway Park and possess unique set-ups for the ZATA’s lab operations. The location has excellent access to Downtown Worcester and to all of New England via I-290, I-190, and the MassPike.

June 2016

Dr. Ivan B. Yanachkov joined ZATA as VP of Medical Chemistry. Before that Dr. Yanachkov held the position of VP at GLSynthesis, Inc. (Worcester, MA). His extensive experience in the design, synthesis, and testing of large numbers of drug candidates significantly strengthens ZATA’s interdisciplinary team. ZATA welcomes Dr. Yanachkov on board.

May 31, 2016

Canadian Patent Application No.: 2930562 Based on International Application No.: PCT/US2014/065367 Entitled: “AZIRIDINYL CONTAINING COMPOUNDS AND METHODS OF INACTIVATING NUCLEIC ACID MOLECULES USING THE SAME” was filed by Pepper Hamilton LLP (Boston, MA) on behalf of ZATA.

May 13, 2016

U.S. National Phase Application No.: 15/036,675 with title: “Aziridinyl Containing Compounds And Methods Of Inactivating Nucleic Acid Molecules Using Same” was filed by Pepper Hamilton LLP (Boston, MA) on behalf of ZATA.