ZATA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Worcester, MA) is a start-up biotech C-Corporation, founded in 2009 by Dr. Paul Zamecnik (1912-2009) and Dr. David Tabatadze (current President of ZATA).

ZATA is located at the Massachusetts BioMedical Initiatives (MBI, Worcester, MA), a small business incubator. Through MBI, ZATA receives 2000 sq. ft. world class fully certified laboratory space located at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Life Sciences and Bioengineering Center (LSBC). This space includes synthetic, organic, analytical and BL2 biology laboratories and full access to WPI Life Sciences and Bioengineering Center Instrumentation Core.

ZATA’s established collaborators include Harvard University Medical School, The University of Massachusetts Medical School, The Curie Institute (Paris, France), The Institute of Human Virology (Baltimore, MD), and several biotech companies nationwide.

At ZATA, we apply scientific curiosity, outstanding expertise, innovation, and dedication to help the advancement of biomedical sciences. Our goals are to develop novel, better in class, safer, and affordable therapies for prevention, treatments, or cures for the most pressing health challenges of our local and global communities.